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Welcome to Dennis Beyer Investigations.

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Dennis Beyer provides a full range of private investigation services to the entire state of Oregon.

With over 24 years of experience as a private investigator, Dennis brings deep professional knowledge and a meticulous sense of rigor to his work. His DPSST number is 33390.

Our Services

  • Private investigations

  • Consultations

  • Process serving

  • Plaintiff and defense work in civil law

  • And more!

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Areas of expertise

  • Criminal

  • Workers’ comp

  • Product liability

  • Wrongful death

  • Personal injury

  • Family law

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Email us or call 541-519-5267 today for a no-obligation consultation.

About Dennis

Dennis has over 46 years of professional experience, with expertise in plaintiff and defense work in civil law, criminal, workers’ compensation, product liabilty, wrongful death, personal injury and family law.


"Dennis provided prompt, thorough, effective and insightful investigation in my wrongful death case. He was readily available and helpful in arriving at the most cost-effective avenues for investigation. I highly recommend him."

 - Mark Kramer, Attorney at Law, Kramer Associates

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