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"Dennis Beyer helped us with two wrongful death cases arising in Baker County, roughly a day’s drive from our office. We had to rely upon his professionalism to do the job right. Dennis was thorough, kept us posted on the status and progress of his investigation efforts, and was a pleasure to work with. Both cases were successfully resolved." 

 - Don Corson, Attorney at Law, Corson & Johnson

"Dennis provided prompt, thorough, effective and insightful investigation in my wrongful death case. He was readily available and helpful in arriving at the most cost-effective avenues for investigation. I highly recommend him." 

 - Mark Kramer, Attorney at Law, Kramer Associates

"I can't thank you enough for the thorough job you did. I, as usual, was impressed by your expert knowledge and handling of the incident and the information you provided to us. What diligence you have." 

 - Jane Bohn, Paralegal, Coughlin & Leuenberger

"Dennis provided services as a private investigator for our law firm for a number of years. I had the opportunity to utilize his services for my cases 5 to 10 times. Dennis was always very prompt in undertaking the job , was thorough in his work and his reports were excellent. They were always very complete and accurate. I would not hesitate in using him for either civil cases or criminal cases." 

 - J. David Coughlin, Attorney at Law, Coughlin & Leuenberger

"I found Dennis to be excellent, very thorough, conscientious, and with his substantial law enforcement experience, he can use his contacts to open a lot of doors."

 - Erick Walker, Attorney at Law, Gorden & Rees LLP

"I will be using the lessons I learned watching you work: Be persistent. Don't quit doing the best job you can - if one way doesn't work, try something else; and always keep your eyes open to possibilities. Thanks for that model."

 - Ron Osterloh, former client

"Dennis is discrete, professional and highly knowledgeable. His help was instrumental not only in getting a favorable verdict in a specific case but also in approaching criminal cases generally. I look forward to using his services again."

 - Charles H. Gillis, Attorney at Law

"Dennis Beyer has worked for me. He is thorough, he understands what is needed, he gives you the straight information, and if necessary, he is an excellent witness in court. I have no reservations in recommending his services."

 - Mike Kilpatrick, Attorney at Law

“Dennis Beyer is my number one person to contact when in need of assistance in Oregon-related cases. I have called on him for his expertise on several occasions regarding criminal and civil matters and have never been disappointed. He has been prompt and thorough in obtaining information for me and at a reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis to anyone in need of investigative work.”

 - Patsy A. Chandler, Paralegal, Merrick, Hofstedt & Lindsey, P.S.

"I have known and worked with Dennis Beyer for fourteen (14) years. He has been the essential element in helping me win the cases on which I have worked with him. Mr. Beyer is very resourceful and brings a vast array of experience and energy to the cases he investigates."

 - Wes Williams, Attorney at Law

"I have utilized Dennis Beyer to do investigation work for me in my Criminal Defense and Workers’ Compensation law practice since 1998. I have had several criminal cases dismissed or charges significantly reduced due solely to Mr. Beyer’s investigation. Mr. Beyer is extremely thorough and proficient and always documents his work with written memos. He is sensitive to the client’s financial resources and does not do work that is not requested or required. I would highly recommend Mr. Beyer to anyone who needs the services of a private investigator or process server."

 - Doug Rock P.C., Attorney at Law

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